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FARA at Ararat Live

4 March

Following their 2016 debut release, Orcadian folk Quartet FARA’s sophomore record, Times from Times Fall, celebrates the community which inspired them to become musicians. Comprised entirely of self-penned songs and instrumental tracks, it’s an album rooted in the spirit of the Orkney Isles and its people, combining the unique Orkney fiddle tradition with contemporary and original songs and tunes.

With the mission of creating something entirely new and collaborative, the four members of FARA have co-written many of the melodies on the album, blending all four distinctively different musical voices together, whilst also celebrating the unity of their musical beginnings. The songs incorporate words by Orcadian poets: George McKay Brown, Edwin Muir and Christina Costie, as well as one original and one traditional text. The Orcadian imagery running through these songs, alongside new melodies brimming with the islands’ tradition whilst also pointing in new directions, celebrates the ever-expanding Orcadian folk tradition.